12.01Decadent S’Mores Doughnut Dessert |Wynn’s Botero Restaurant

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Courtesy Wynn Resort Las Vegas

So I must admit, my downfall is Chef Mark LoRusso’s Chocolate S’more Doughnuts at Wynn Resort’s  Botero Restaurant. Last evening, I had to introduce my “Blue Baker” to this over the top, melt in your mouth, can’t get enough dessert. Honestly, this has no connection whatsoever to my memories of roasting marshmallows over a bonfire and putting between two graham crackers with squares of bar chocolate.

These warm, brioche doughnuts covered with just a sprinkle of graham crackers have a gooey marshmellow filling. The melted chocolate for dipping is warmed and the creme anglaise is beyond description. The homemade marshmallow square is just off the grill. Now, slowly assemble.

Close your eyes and savor the taste sensation. So what if it’s the holiday season. Watching calories is probably smarter than full press, jump over the cliff decadence, but .   .   . Afterall, some desserts should defy the standard rules for calorie counting. This one is at the top of the list.

I have chef’s restaurant recipe, but who would bother when you can fly to Vegas for the weekend, stay at the fabulous Wynn Resort Las Vegas and enjoy a great meal at the 2011 AAA Four Diamond Award recipient’s Botero Restaurant?  Now pick up the phone and get your reservation!

– The Gourmet Review

01.29Wynn/Encore’s Botero Restaurant | S’Mores Doughnut Recipe

Chef Mark LoRusso’s Chocolate S’more Doughnuts are a fabulously decadent dessert. Try them, or should I say, savor them, at The Wynn/Encore Resort’s Botero Restaurant. I guarantee a great evening of fabulous food. The S’Mores are an  over the top meal finale and a  perfect way to splurge on calories.

The warm doughnuts have a gooey marshmellow filling. The melted chocolate for dipping is warmed and the creme anglaise is beyond description. The marshmellow square just off the grill. Close your eyes and savor the taste sensation.

I have the recipe for you, but it’s more fun to make a reservation and just enjoy. Afterall, this recipe is meant for a crowd. My vote is to simply try all the food at Botero’s and finish your dining experience with the Chocolate S’More Doughnuts.

 The following is Chef LoRusso’s recipe. I didn’t convert for home use, because it’s meant for restaurant chefs, but it’s fun reading and hopefully inspiring for your next dinner reservation in Las Vegas.


SERVES: 25 orders


3¼ # ap flour

7½ oz sugar

1 oz salt

2½ oz yeast (fresh)

¼c water

15 ea eggs

1# butter (soft)


In a large mixer with a dough hook, combine dry ingredients. Mix till combined. Combine yeast, water and eggs and add to dry ingredients. Once dough is formed, at butter in increments till fully incorporated. Scrape sides of bowl and continue mixing for 10mins. Divide dough into six and wrap tightly. Dough can be frozen and thawed out when needed.


(yields 30 orders)

3 egg whites

1 1/3 cup sugar

1 ½ cup corn syrup

1 vanilla bean

1 sheet gelatin, bloomed


Place egg whites in kitchen aide mixer with the whisk attachment. Whip to medium peaks, then place on the lowest speed. Meanwhile, heat sugar, and corn syrup along with a little water (wet sand texture) to 235* (thread stage). Add vanilla bean, and gelatin to sugar mixture. Turn mixer back to medium speed, and slowly pour in sugar mixture. Beat until cool. Store in piping bag , and keep refrigerated in between uses

Graham Cracker Crust

SERVES: 30 orders


 3 packages honey graham crackers

1 # light brown sugar

1 ½ tbsp ground cinnamon


Place all ingredients in food processor or food mill. Mix until fine and thoroughly combined.


SERVES: 90 orders


2 qt cream

2 qt milk

2 ¼# sugar

90 ea yolks

4 ea vanilla beans


In a large sauce pot, bring cream, milk, sugar, and vanilla beans to boil. Temper in egg yolks and cook, making sure to not to cook eggs. Strain through china cap with ice bath ready.

Chocolate Ganache

SERVES: 20 orders

1 qt heavy cream

1 ½# dark chocolate

¼ cup corn syrup


In a saucepot over medium heat, bring cream just under a boil. Have chocolate weighed out in large bowl along with corn syrup. When cream in ready, remove from heat, and pour directly into bowl over the chocolate and corn syrup. Stir with a whisk until fully incorporated. Strain and keep on top of stove to keep the correct consistency.

This is definitely a restaurant recipe meant for professional chefs. Keep it simple. If you can, stay at Wynn/Encore in Las Vegas. If you can’t stay at the hotel, go to dinner at Botero’s and finish your meal with this dessert.

– The Gourmet Review

12.17Wynn Resort Las Vegas | A Magical Holiday Get Away

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Courtesy Wynn Las Vegas

Feel like having a quick escape from the hustle and bustle of the holidays? Admit it. Wouldn’t a few days at “Wynn’s Tis the Season”  be a great way to pamper yourself and be slightly indulgent?

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Courtesy Wynn Las Vegas

Of course, Wynn Resort Las Vegas is famous for being over the top. There’s a reason the hotel keeps earning top honors from the 2011 Forbes Travel Guide Star awards (formerly Mobil Travel Guide Star awards).

Feeling like a great dinner? Perhaps you’re you in the mood for truffles? Chef Theo Schoenegger, the executive chef at Sinatra restaurant features his truffle indulgence menu this December. It’s a three course meal showcasing decadent imported white truffles from Italy.

Why not try these delicacies in an array of distinctive dishes, including homemade pastas and slow cooked risottos, or perhaps truffles with creamy soft polentas? General Manager, Johnathan Husby, will make sure you have an exquisite evening.

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Courtesy Wynn Las Vegas

Bartolotta’s restaurant presents the traditional Christmas Eve Feast of Seven Fishes. Chef Paul Bartolotta, for whom the restaurant is named, is a two time James Beard Award winner.

So, if it’s Italian food you love, try The Feast, featuring Ligurian octopus salad, baked sea scallops with aromatic herb crust, warm seafood salad, spaghetti with clams and broccoli rapine, along with a whole fish baked in salt crust with Sicilian citrus sauce.

Chef Paul flies his seafood in fresh from the Mediterranean. This is truly  a culinary delight.

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Courtesy Wynn Las Vegas

Or, if you want entertainment overlooking Wynn’s Lake of Dreams to accompany your dining experience, don’t miss Chef David Walzog’s Tasting Menu at Lakeside.

Enjoy a traditional four course tasting menu, featuring foie gras terrine with arugula with pear and white truffle vinaigrette. Don’t miss the oven roasted whole black bass with braised fennel, leeks and chestnut Armagnac cream.

For dessert, perhaps the warm pumpkin spice bread pudding with glazed pecans and maple ice cream.

Have your attention yet? This menu will be available through December 24th. General Manager, Bradley Brown, will make sure you have the perfect table.

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Courtesy Wynn Las Vegas

Yet another great dining option is Botero’s Restaurant, featuring a 3rd Street Farmer’s Market Tasting menu. With a focus on farm to holiday table, Chef Mark LoRusso has created a five course tasting menu inspired by the seasonal produce and ingredients found at the 3rd Street Farmer’s Market.

Chef Mark’s inspired menu includes bay scallops with kabocha squash risotto and Meyer lemon, as well as slow roasted prime rib with rosemary popovers and creamed spinach.

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Courtesy Wynn Las Vegas

So now let’s take a look at some of the special events featured at the hotel through Christmas. My favorite will be the dessert and pastry demonstration led by  cake artist extraordinaire Flora Aghababyan and gifted  Executive Pastry Chef Pierrre Gatel.

Learn cake and candy making techniques sure to  inspire your own holiday dessert creations. (Pssst. Don’t you love the gingerbread recreations of the Wynn and Encore?)

Wynn Resort Las Vegas | Wynn Las Vegas Wynn Resorts

Courtesy Wynn Las Vegas

Love wine? Don’t forget the exclusive wine tasting at Tableau with Wynn’s wine buyer, Mark Thomas, who will teach you to pair wines of the world with classic holiday dishes. Of course, there will be some small bites to accompany your wine.

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Courtesy Wynn Las Vegas

Finally, depending on the length of your stay,  try Master Mixologist Patricia Richard’s presentation of original holiday cocktails. These will be featured for each of the 12 days of Christmas from December 10 – 22nd. Here is the Cranberry Mojito cocktail.  Recipes will be available for  specialty cocktails served nightly.

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Courtesy Wynn Las Vegas

Remember that all the holiday menus and events will be featured through December 24th, so hurry before it’s too late!. It would be a shame to miss Wynn Las Vegas during this magical time of year!

– The Gourmet Review

01.06Wynn Resort Las Vegas Review

wynn resort las vegas

Courtesy Wynn Las Vegas

Anytime is a great time to head to Las Vegas. That is, if you love world class dining at elegant restaurants, fun entertainment and perhaps the occasional gambling if you are inclined to feeling lucky.

Courtesy Wynn Las Vegas

I absolutely love the Wynn Resort. It’s elegant, yet intimate – not at all what you might expect on the Strip. Just off Las Vegas Blvd, it has garnered its share of prestigious awards.

wynn resort las vegas

Courtesy Wynn Las Vegas

You will love any of the  signature restaurants at Wynn/Encore. Whether you’re in the mood for elegant French food at Alex, with it’s million-dollar wine cellar, SW (Steve Wynn’s steakhouse) on the Lake of Dreams, Japanese inspired cuisine at Okada,  listening to Frank at Sinatra’s or the ambience at  sultry  Botero’s at Wynn’s  Encore, to name just a few, you won’t be disappointed.  Of course, there are lots of  casual restaurants like Stratta, which has wonderful Italian cuisine.  Sometimes just a casual desert is all you need, so if this sounds good, try the seemingly mile high chocolate cake at Society Cafe Encore.

wynn resort las vegas

Courtesy Wynn Las Vegas

If you haven’t seen the multi media show on the Lake of Dreams, it is unique and a must see visual journey with spectacular light shows, music and animated puppetry.

Courtesy Wynn Las Vegas

Nearby, Le Reve puts you just feet away from an aquatic live production of Cirque du Soleil. Don’t sit too close or you might get wet!

wynn resort las vegas

Courtesy Wynn Las Vegas

The spa is decadent. Treat yourself to an afternoon of relaxation and luxury with a wide variety of spa selections. My daughter introduced me to the spa last Mother’s Day and I can attest to the fact that it is a special place.

wynn resort las vegas

Courtesy Wynn Las Vegas

The entertainment headliner is Garth Brooks, if you are lucky enough to get tickets on one of the select evenings he performs at the Wynn. Country music is not normally my favorite, but I must say that the Garth Brook’s concert was one of the best I have ever seen. Garth appeals to every musical genre for every age group over the last 40 years. Not many entertainers can sit on a stage with a guitar for several hours and share their life with you. Brooks does that.

wynn resort las vegas

Courtesy Wynn Las Vegas

If you crave nightlife following a great dinner, try the chic nightclub, Tryst, Blush or XS, the highest grossing nightclub in the US. If you can’t stay at Wynn or Encore, make sure you plan an evening of dining and entertainment. Perhaps even a toss of the dice. You won’t be disappointed.


Among its many awards, Wynn Las Vegas has been recognized with the Forbes Five Star award (formerly the Mobil Five Star) and the American Automobile Association (AAA) Five Diamond award for its fourth consecutive year in 2010. It is also the only casino resort in the world to make Forbes history by earning the Five Star ratings for every single category – from Hotel to Restaurant and Spa for two consecutive years.

For me, the Wynn will always be remembered as the inspiration for this blog. The “Blue Baker” did her first chef interview and kitchen tour at the Wynn and it is here that we began discovering the “inside story” of the people who make an exceptional  dining experience happen!

– The Gourmet Review

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