04.23LudoBites Hawaii | Celebrity Chef Ludo Lefebvre

Celebrity Chef Ludo Lefebvre is an award winning culinary artist and chef extraordinaire. Whether appearing on Bravo’s Top Chef Masters show or inside the kitchen for his “pop- up” restaurants in Los Angeles or  the Big Island of Hawaii, you will find magic.

Critics and loyal foodies alike go where Chef Ludo goes and guests are never disappointed. Inspiration comes from seasonal, market fresh, local ingredients.

Below is a sampling of dishes from an incredible meal I enjoyed last March at the fabulous Four Seasons Resort Hualalai. Bet you wish you could savor theses dishes right now!

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My husband and I started with an appetizer of Smoked Mahi-Mahi Rillette on toasted bread. I’m thinking I really need to ask for this recipe.

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Next came the Hirame Ceviche. Just the list of ingredients is daunting. Aji Amarillo, strawberry papaya water, rainbow carrots and salmon roe. This chef is serious about his ingredients.

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I couldn’t resist the Crispy Chicken with chorizo, eggs and hamakua mushrooms. The skin of the chicken was crackling crispy and the meat tender.

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Of course, no dinner is complete without a fish course and Chef Ludo presented a culinary masterpiece of Steamed Hapu’upu’u (Hawaiian sea bass) with crispy caramelized skin, miso cream, fennel, navel orange and tonka beans(Read the rest of this entry…)

04.06Ludobites America | Chef Ludo Lefevre

Chef Ludo Lefevre is no ordinary chef. You won’t find him bound by a permanent restaurant, menu, music or traditional white chef jacket. Whether it’s the changing locations, casual jeans,  upbeat  music or the ability to create an entirely different menu every night, this is a chef determined to reach beyond the restrictions of traditional culinary confines.

Chef Ludo’s inspiration is always local and the idea of a “pop up” restaurant is the perfect match for his spontaneity,  passion for innovation and creativity. Chef Ludo’s traveling restaurant, called “Ludobites America,” allows Chef  to create new dishes as he moves locations – a veritable “Cirque du Soleil” of edibles, so to speak.

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Chef Ludo pushes the envelope each night. Above is his sea bass with crispy caramelized skin in miso cream, with fennel, navel orange and tonka beans. Stay tuned for several of Chef Ludo’s mouth watering recipes.

Chef Ludo does not cook for critics, yet the critics love him. Freed from the restraints of traditional restaurants, Chef Ludo’s talent explodes,  with dishes that change daily and continue to bring him accolades. It’s ironic that the man who refuses to cook for critics has been written up by Time magazine as “The Chef of the Future.” Relais & Chateaux named Chef Ludo one of the World’s 50 greatest chefs, and he has been nominated for the James Beard Foundation’s Rising Star awards.

Discerning guests watch carefully for the latest “Ludobites America” events on www.ludolefebvre.com. Reservations number upwards of 30,000 within hours of posting new dates and locations. Just a month ago, Chef Ludo was spotlighted at the Four Seasons Hualalai in Hawaii. Some guests flew round trip  from Los Angeles for dinner. Now, that’s a lot of air travel in one day for a meal!

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