I must admit. I am annoyingly curious about the entire dining experience and the ambience surrounding it. My curiosity makes me want to know how chefs create and prepare their meals, where they get their ingredients, how they present their food. 

Tell the truth, if you saw purple broccoli, wouldn’t you at least want to know how it came to be on your plate?

As I’ve delved into the whole food experience, what has amazed me is the absolute heart and soul of people involved in the food industry.  A chef may not be  a painter or sculptor, but the commitment and passion are the same.

Consider this. Although the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel is a masterpiece, if you tried to touch it, you’d need a plane ticket to Rome, a heck of a tall ladder, and a tersely worded permission slip from the Swiss Guard. 

Not so with great dining. Just pick up the phone, make a reservation and go savor a great meal. Don’t waste another moment. Plan your night out, imagine the great food your favorite chef will prepare, and please don’t ever underestimate anticipation!

The Fearless Foodie

The Gourmet Review

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