Africa's Wildlife Photography

South Africa has some of the best “Big Five” and wildlife viewing in the world. The cat family provides a multitude of photo opportunities for travelers on safari. My daughter took this photo of a leopard in Zululand, South Africa.

Africa's Wildlife Photography

One of my favorite animals in Africa is the leopard. This is another photo by my daughter in Zululand near Phinda Reserve. Leopards are beautiful, sleek and quick.

When our family was on safari and stopped in an open topped Land Rover, we sat and barely breathed, as one curious leopard strolled around our vehicle and slowly checked out every single person one by one. Not a word was spoken by any of us. Barely a breath.

I honestly can’t remember all the details. Sheer fright does strange things to a person. The leopard continued its walk, sat just inches below me and stared into my eyes. I held my breath momentarily and did not blink an eye. Luckily, the leopard found nothing interesting about me, stood up and strolled into the forest. Now that’s excitement I’ll never forget.

Africa's Wildlife Photography

Leopard on Termite Mound

This was a very content leopard sunning itself on a termite, a favorite daytime resting place. Our family took hundreds photos on safari, but this one was taken by my granddaughter, “The Blue Baker.” We were about 10 feet away for this shot and the leopard was not concerned. The animals at Phinda Reserve are used to the sounds of vehicles.

One piece of advice while on wildlife safari is to never leave the vehicle. Always remember that humans are at the very bottom of the food chain!



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