Perfect Lemon Drop

The Gourmet Review

My friend, Dorothy, loves lemon drops. Since it was her birthday last night, she decided to drop by with a group of friends and have her husband, Fred,  make lemon drops for the whole group. This is not a drink for the faint of heart!


Perfect Lemon Drop

The Gourmet Review

So, I pulled out some cheese and crackers and we had ourselves an impromptu  party.


1 1/2 oz Vodka

1/2 oz. Triple Sec

1 tsp superfine sugar

3/4 oz freshly squeezed lemon juice.

Mix the vodka, triple sec, sugar and lemon juice in a cocktail shaker half filled with ice cubes.

Shake well to make sure sugar is blended.

Pour strained liquor into a sugar rimmed martini glass and garnish with a twisted peel of lemon.


NOTE: If you want a sugar rimmed glass, just take a lemon wedge, rub the drinking surface to barely moist on the surface of the glass, and dip the glass into sugar.


Serve in a martini cocktail glass. A fresh garnish of mint is also colorful.


This recipe is the “The Perfect Lemon Drop Martini” from

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