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Want to try an easy, fun appetizer? This Prosciutto and Melon Tower is so quick to prepare that you don’t need a recipe.

Pick out a ripe melon – this could be a cantaloupe or honeydew or just about any melon that’s in season and ripe. Peel the melon, slice in half and scoop out the seeds. Take a cookie cutter* or anything with an edge that can cut through the melon and select a shape. Keep the cookie cutter on the melon, so you can pile pieces of prosciutto on top and the shape is not compromised.

Have your deli person slice some good Parma prosciutto. I always get frustrated trying to take the fat off the prosciutto slices. It’s hard to keep a slice together once the fat has been removed. Keep it easy. Put the pieces of prosciutto on top of the melon (while still in the stack) and easily keep the integrity of the shape.

Top with a couple micro arugula greens for color. Squeeze a bit of fresh lemon juice and a small drizzle of extra virgin olive oil over the top.

Remove whatever you are using to keep the appetizer shape and your tower should be complete.

Take a chunk of Parmigiano Reggiano (no substitutes please). Use a fork or knife to pull small, uneven chunks and place on your appetizer plate next to the Prosciutto and Melon towers.

The taste combination of the Prosciutto, melon, lemon and olive is the perfect counterpoint with the Parmigiano!


I have a kit that is called “Stacks The Art of Vertical Food” that I’ve had in my kitchen cabinet for years. The kit includes round, square and triangle stainless steel molds. It comes with a tamping tool with rod that pushes down any food in the stack to hold the shape.

This kit  makes for a fun presentation. This is what I used to make my Prosciutto and Melon stacks, but you can improvise with any molds from your kitchen.

-The Gourmet Review

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