Dungeness Crab

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If you really want to impress your friends, serve fresh, Dungeness crab at your next party. A delicacy from the Pacific coast and particularly the Pacific Northwest, most people have never tried it. Named after a small town and the shallow bay inside the Dungeness Spit on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State, this crab is a culinary jewel. Unlike the Alaskan King crab, which is much larger and has very little taste, Dungeness crab is sweet and is bursting with flavor.



Dungeness Crab

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There are many ways to serve Dungeness crab. Have whole crab legs flown in and wow your guests or serve fresh Dungeness crabmeat or even order whole crabs. All you need to do is pick up the phone and call Dale or Jeanette at University Seafood 206-632-3900. University Seafood is a family owned business in Seattle that has been a secret source for all kinds of seafood for 65 years.




My daughter loves to squeeze just a bit of fresh lemon juice over the crab legs. Or, for a fantastic mustard sauce, mix half Dijon mustard (any variety depending on your taste) and half mayonnaise. Served with the Dungeness crab legs, this sauce is easy, fantastic, and makes a beautiful appetizer. Since most people have never tried Dungeness crab, particularly in the Midwest and east coast, it will be a gastronomique experience for friends and guests alike.




During the winter, and particularly during the holiday season, I’m always looking for an easy, no fuss and casual dinner. I love ordering Dungeness crab and having it delivered to my door. It comes already cooked and ready for the table. All your guests need are some crab crackers or, when in a bind, take out a hammer, gently crack the legs and dinner is ready.


Dungeness Crab

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My tablecloth consists of old newspapers spread over the table and napkins are new dishtowels or anything paper. Save your good stuff for later. This is a hands-on dinner. Then I throw all the crab in the middle of the table, along with a loaf of warm garlic bread and salad and let my guests sit down and enjoy themselves. Sometimes the night before Thanksgiving or any holiday, I do this on my living room coffee table with family sitting on the floor. This way I can set the dining room table for dinner the next day. Clean up consists of rolling up the newspaper and there you have it; easy, fun, no cook and casual!


Dungeness Crab

Courtesy The Gourmet Review




Crab Season is highly regarded in the Pacific Northwest. There is nothing quite like dropping crab pots in the morning, picking them up in the afternoon, bringing them home, then steaming and eating warm crab for dinner.



Don’t be shy. Summer is around the corner. If you haven’t tried Dungeness crab, then now’s the time!



– The Gourmet Review


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