Tequila Cocktail Recipe

Courtesy David Wells


Love new cocktails? If your  favorite is tequila, try this popular tequila cocktail recipe created by my friend, David Ravandi, to showcase his organic 1 2 3 Tequila (Uno Dos Tres Tequila).

My name is Ramon“or, what we sometimes refer to as the “Moo Tail,” is the name of this top cocktail recipe and is sure to be a crowd pleaser.




2 ounces of 123 Certified Organic Tequila Blanco  (see post on 123 Tequila)

2 ounces mixed fresh Juice (Lime,Lemon & Orange)

1 sprig of fresh mint

3 slices of cucumbers(English)

1 teaspoon of organic agave nectar  (you can substitute with simple syrup)

I jalapeno slice seeded



Muddle mint and cucumber, add tequila, mixed juice and agave nectar. Add ice. Shake on the rocks and strain into a martini glass. Float a seeded jalapeño wheel on the top. Now you have “My Name Is Ramon.”



David Ravandi’s latest variation of the popular tequila cocktail will become a conversation piece as well as your new favorite cocktail recipe featuring Uno Dos Tres Tequila. The combination of great tequila and jalapeno is unusual and receives raves from my guests every time I finish with the  jalapeno slice.

For a variety of great tequila cocktail recipes, check out www.123tequila.com.


– The Gourmet Review




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