Watermelon & Basil Cocktail


The hottest new tequila that’s selling off the shelves is Uno Dos Tres Organic Tequila, a new line of tequila launched this year by tequila master, David Ravandi. David can make a great tequila drink from just about anything. He pairs the ingredients to his Uno, Dos or Tres bottles of tequila.

Watermelon & Basil Cocktail

The Gourmet Review

Lucky for me last night , there was lots of fresh watermelon, so David prepared the “Uno” Sandia cocktail. It was topped with a fresh basil leaf and the protocol is to sip the sandia while smelling the basil. It’s a combination sure to knock you off your feet!

The story  of Uno Dos Tres is a fun read. Check it out on the 1 2 3 Tequila website.



2 oz. Uno Blanco Tequila

2 oz. Watermelon Chunks

1 tbs Fresh Lime Juice

1 tbs Organic Agave Nectar



Muddle the watermelon. Add juice & nectar in a shaker tin.

Add liquor and ice. Shake and strain.

Serve straight up or on the rocks

Garnish with basil leaf (green or purple) and make sure your guests enjoy a scent of basil with every sip!



– The Gourmet Review

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