Dijon Mustard Sauce

The Gourmet Review

With the opening of Dungeness crab season just around the corner, it’s time to share my favorite mustard sauce. It’s simple, easy to prepare, and absolutely delicious.

Try it on any fresh crab, but it is especially good on Dungeness crab from the Pacific Northwest. If you can’t purchase nearby, then order it to be delivered. Get ready for a gourmet dinner!



1/3  Cup Dijon Mustard (or substitute any grainy mustard for a second sauce)

1      Cup Mayonnaise (you can substitute low fat if you wish)



Mix the ingredients and take a taste. Adjust the mustard to taste.

Serve with cracked Dungeness crab, hot garlic bread and a big tossed green salad.

That’s as easy as it gets!


.   .   .   AND BEYOND


My mother used to order a very grainy mustard from New Orleans that had a bit of zing to it. For me, part of the fun is trying different mustards. The great thing about this recipe is that you can vary the intensity of the mustard to taste and try a variety of mustards if you need multiple sauces.

Don’t have fresh Dungeness crab? Call University Seafood and have it shipped overnight, so it’s ready for your next party.


-The Gourmet Review



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