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The Gourmet Review

The Four Seasons is known for its five star accommodations, fabulous food and exceptional service. Read on for an example of the  Four Seasons Resort Hualalai going the “extra mile.”

I threw out a culinary challenge to Food and Beverage Director, Sebastian Hinsch, and Executive Sous Chef Nick Mastrascusa. How would you pair food with the only certified organic tequila on the market, Uno Dos Tres tequila, to create some culinary “buzz”?

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The Gourmet Review

Let me introduce you to our “team,” consisting of Sebastian,  Chef Nick and Sous Chef Angela Kenyon. Now, this is a fun group of people, who all LOVE food and a good challenge. I can tell you that in true Four Season’s style, Chef Nick and rising star, Chef Angela, created a major “buzz” at the hotel with their sweet and savory food pairings.

I wasn’t the only one impressed with the results. Guests walked by our photo shoot, stopped and  asked to try both the fabulous food pairings and David Ravandi’s equally fabulous 1 2 3 Organic Tequila (Uno Dos Tres).


First, we did a tequila tasting for 1 2 3 Organic Tequila (Uno Dos Tres). No food. Just tasting the three popular tequilas. Then Executive Chef Nick and Chef Angela decided to do both a sweet and savory pairing.

Ultimately, Chef Nick created a “truffle bar” concept. Imagine infusing chocolate truffles with  a variety of fresh and  local ingredients, depending on the geography of the venue. For Hawaii, this meant flavors of coconut, macadamia nuts and Hawaiian chilis. All the ingredients were native to Hawaii and most were grown in the hotel’s herb garden.

Chef Angela presented three savory dishes, with a focus on fresh avocado, ahi and ceviche. Each pairing was accompanied by a shot of 1 2 3 Certified Tequila Uno Dos Tres). The fun began as we tried to take pictures for Chef Angela’s savory pairings on the beach.

The photo shoot was late in the afternoon. Guests kept stopping by, asking questions. Sebastien tried to keep the photography going at a good pace, while being polite to the guests. One of the guests wanted Chef Angelea’s soup and ahi poppers for a catered event the next week. Yes, the guest’s favorites were the soup and the ahi poppers, but that was only because he didn’t see the ceviche!

Then it was time for Chef Nick’s creation. Fully assembled, I  raced to stay balanced while taking shots of Nick’s “truffle bar.” The sun was setting. The waves were crashing and a slight wind was blowing. Chefs Nick and Angela were balancing the truffle presentation on uneven volcanic rocks and my husband was trying to balance me, so the camera wouldn’t shake.

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Courtesy David Ravandi & l 2 3 Certified Tequila

Sebastian quickly styled the 1 2 3 (Uno Dos Tres)  bottles, along with small tasting glasses of tequila, amongst the rocks. Photos finished, we hurried back to the bar to get our final shots on more firm footing. Everyone at the bar wanted to taste both the truffles and the tequila! The sun had finally set. By now the bar was hopping and the Beach Tree bar was full!. A fun time was had by all and the party was just starting!

Check out the tasting notes for Uno Dos Tres and stay tuned for the results of the sweet and savory food pairings. They were scrumptious!


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