Beef Caprese Salad Recipe

Caprese Salad Courtesy Four Seasons Resort Hualalai


Beef Caprese Salad Recipe

Grilled Beef Caprese Salad | The Gourmet Review

The Four Seasons Hualalai is located  in a paradise setting on the Big Island of Hawaii. One of the rising stars at the ocean side Beach Tree restaurant, under the creative eye of Chef Nick Mastrascusa, is Angela Kenyon. She puts a creative spin on the traditional caprese salad by adding grilled marinated steak. The restaurant serves both versions of the caprese salad.




 4 oz         Grilled hangar steak * (see below)

2 oz.        Buffalo mozzarella

4              slices WOW tomatoes   (you can substitute your own favorite tomatoes)

drizzle     Basil Coulis (recipe below)

drizzle     Aged Balsamic

pinch       pepper

pinch       black lava salt (or sea salt)

pinch       micro greens


 Marinate the hangar steak in Chimi Churri.

 Season and grill the steak to medium or to your liking.

 Thinly slice the buffalo mozzarella and salt overnight.

 Thinly slice the red and yellow tomatoes.

 Layer the steak with the buffalo mozzarella and tomatoes.

 Drizzle with Basil Coulis, Aged Balsamic and EVOO.


Garnish with Black Lava Salt and Micro Greens (sea salt and baby greens can be substituted if ingredients are unavailable).

Basil Coulis

1 cup       fresh basil

3 cups      Extra Virgin Olive Oil

pinch       salt



 Blend all ingredients together until smooth. Check seasonings and adjust with salt.


 CHIMI CHURRI (Make enough to keep in refrigerator)

 1  Cup                  Minced garlie

10 Bunches          Chopped parsley

1.5 Cup                Sherry Vinegar

2 Tbls.                  Chili flakes

To taste                 Kosher salt

To taste                 Black pepper

 3 Cups             Extra Virgin Olive Oil



 Chop the parsley and mince the garlic.

 Mix everything together. Check seasonings. Adjust salt and pepper.



 Chianti Classico or Super Tuscan




*  Hangar steak most resembles flank steak in texture and flavor. Often called “butcher’s” steak, because butchers would often keep this cut for themselves. Ask your butcher to cut the hangar steak or substitute flank steak.)


At Four Seasons Hualalai, Chef Nick uses hangar steak from corn fed cows and tomatoes are locally grown at “WOW” farms. The cheese is imported from Italy. You can substitute similar ingredients that are available on the mainland.


– The Gourmet Review






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