menu at le cinq restaurant

Courtesy Four Seasons


Close your eyes and imagine getting on a plane to Paris this weekend. First dinner would be at George V’s Le Cinq restaurant.

Take a look at the summer a la carte menu below and decide what you might order!




Tomatoes from Provence Collection 2010 as a Millefeuille with Crab Meat – Carpaccio/Fried/Iced Liégeois/Panini


Girolles Mushrooms with Apricot and Almonds – Tangy Spring Vegetables with Umé Plums, Fine Froth Of Zucchini with Liquorice, Cream Of Girolles Mushrooms with Sweet Onion Raviole

Abalone from The Atlantic Coast with Seaweed Butter/Creamy Watercress Soup, White Cocao Beans and Ginger/Lemon Vinegar


Wild Carabineros Shrimp – Browned with Lemon Confit/Broad Beans with Marjoram/Buratta; Creamy Fregula Sarda with Fresh Glasswort/Shrimp Sauce


Fresh Duck Foie Gras from the Landes Region – Roasted with Black Sarawak Pepper, RhubarbMara Des Bois Strawberries with Elderberry Juice


Special Oysters Perles Noires in Green Apple Jelly with Caviar with Fresh Tofu, Crispy Sprouts and Vegetables with Sesame




Fillet Of Sea Bass – Grilled with Lemon Thyme, Violet Artichokes with Slow-Simmered Eggplant and Summer Truffle ViergeSauce


Fresh Coastal Red Mullet – Roasted with Iberico Chorizo Served with Spicy Flower Zucchini/Mint/Almonds


Net-Fished Blue Lobster Cooked On Salt, Lobster Jus Served with Claws in Ravioli with Artichokes/Braised Girolles Mushrooms with Tarragon


Fillet Of Brittany Monkfish Roasted with Dry Fennel/Poutargue/Grilled Onions Served with Vegetables and Little Cuttlefish with a Bouillabaisse Jus




Shellfish Degustation in Three Courses



    Seafood Plater – Special Oysters, Dublin Bay Prawns, Crab, Clams, Periwinkles, Raw Salmon
    Rasor Clams with Seaweed Butter and Confit Lemon Vinegar
    Spiny Lobster with Vegetables, Tangy White Butter Sauce with Rhubarb




Rex Rabbit from The Poitou Region Cooked with Small Octopus/King Prawns from Palamos/Fresh Salicornia Served with BayaldiOf Vegetables/Muscadet Wine Gravy


Veal Sweatbreads Browned with Verbena/Lemon/Capers Served with Braised Girolle Mushrooms/Fried Green Asparagus


Shoulder Of Lamb from The Aveyron Region Stewed with Spices, Cooked and Raw Harissa Served with Artichokes/ Fennel/Eggplant


Barbary Free-Range Duckling Excellence Miéral – Thinly-Sliced Roasted Breast/White Peach with Sechuan Pepper Served with RouennaisePie with Duck Foie Gras and Watercress Salad with Fresh Almonds


Saddle and Chop Of Milk Fed Lamb from The Aveyron Served with Sweet Pepper Jelly, Fried Lamb Sweatbreads, Stewed Arcimboldo Tomato and Zucchini and Sour Goat Cheese


Seasonal Green Salad with Truffled Vinaigrette


Our Maîtres fromagersCheese Selection



menu at le cinq restaurant

Photograph courtesy of Shin Shin




Executive Chef Eric Briffard changes his menus seasonally, so be sure to check the George V website for his latest creations.


– The Gourmet Review


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