If you can’t go on safari looking for Africa’s “Big Five,” then live vicariously through the wildlife journals of Singita’s field guides.  Find out what’s happening in the bush every month with Field Guide James Crooke’s fabulous photography and journal entries that are contributed each month by field guides from the various Singita game reserve lodges.

Scroll through this issue and enjoy a bonus feature about elephants. Did you know that an elephant’s trunk has 8 major muscles and over 150,000 muscle fascicles (clusters)? Or that an elephant will drink between 26 and 40 gallons of water in a day? I loved the close up photography by Field Guide Dylan Brandt showing every detail of the older elephant’s face.

Read about the habits and survival instincts of wild animals in South Africa as if you were there in this wonderful dream destination with wonderful journal entries and photographs by Field Guide Nicky Silberbauer.



Our family’s favorite Head Guide,Mark Broodryk, shared some of the background on the field guide’s monthly contributions in Singita’s wildlife journal.

“James (Crookes) has a keen interest in writing and photography and a good command of the English language. It is his responsibility for producing the (wildlife) journals (for Singita) on a monthly basis. Nicky is an incredibly talented photographer. This is her passion and is what she studied after completing school. Thus, she is accountable for producing the photographs and keeping our twitter and Facebook profiles up to date on a daily basis, as and when things happen.  .   .   All the guides are expected to contribute and each guide writes up a short story (allocated a week at a time) to contribute to the journal.”

Mark, we love reading the wildlife journal and we thank all the guides who contribute to sharing their experiences, so we can vicariously dream of being on safari in Africa.

To stay in touch with the adventures of Singita Game Reserves, sign up as a friend on their Facebook page at  Imagine  Global Communications or Twitter at ImagineTravel.




– The Gourmet Review



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