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Imagine getting up in the morning and going to work in the kitchen of a magnificent yacht. This is a reality for Chef Karina Hines. It’s no wonder she’s inspired every day by the crystal blue waters of the Bahamas one week or the calm waters of the Mediterranean another. One thing is certain; the combination of passion for food and inspirational surroundings create the perfect culinary adventure for a guest on board the 155 foot sailing yacht Hyperion.

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Every morning, guests would find pitchers of freshly squeezed orange juice and grapefruit juice, along with Chef’s superfood cereals, power bars, muffins, breads  and platters of fresh fruit. What time does this magician wake up to make all this food from scratch every morning? Mind you, the teaser buffet pictured above is just to tide guests over until everyone is up and ready for breakfast.

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After the bravest of  guests took a morning swim in the ocean, everyone sat down for a formal breakfast that changed daily. Frittatas were one of our favorites.

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An artist at work! Chef Karina always paid close attention to how every plate was presented. The food didn’t just look delicious, I can attest to the fact that it was delicious.

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Once on board the Hyperion, one knows this is a sailing yacht. Despite its jaw dropping angles and high-speeds, most of the food prep and service wass done with the boat in motion.Needless to say, all guests chose to be firmly planted in one place by choice while sailing. Not so for the Chef. Bay Scallop Ceviche anyone?

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Everyone anticipated each meal throughout the day for good reason. We loved the lemon crab salad with cucumber ribbons and prawns crackers. Mmmmmm.

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Imagine this for a “to do” list; prepare a scrumptious breakfast, organize a gourmet picnic basket lunch on a romantic deserted island, prepare appetizers for a birthday celebration, and finally serve a formal sit down dinner in the main salon with a dessert of cheesecake air with vanilla passion and raspberry beret. Now, that’s a perfect way to end an amazing day!

Thanks for a great week, Chef Karina. You spoiled us beyond words!


Australian born Chef Karina is the first to modestly tell you that she is a cook and not a formally trained chef. To me, anyone who can create such exquisite meals that are both healthy and artistically presented, while sailing at what seems to be a 45 degree angle, deserves the title Chef. Sorry, Karina, you are Chef Karina to all your guests.

Karina has pursued her passion for the culinary arts in London, Antibes and  private estates and yachts around the world. She specializes in Italian, Mediterranean and Asian cuisine. Karina is constantly exploring new culinary directions, including molecular gastronomy, gellification and super foods. Chef’s healthy creations are inspired by her travels to Europe, Spain, England, South Africa and Morocco, to name just a few. Chef Karina might go to 15 markets while in port for a particular ingredient, or to create her own spices and herbal blends/butters for recipes she is creating. Amazing!

A special thank you to Captain Daniel, who navigated us safely on our journey, as well as his tremendous crew of eight that included Chief Stewardess Lou from Wales, First Mate Barney, Chief Engineer Devo from South Africa, Second Engineer Joe, Bosun Nico and Second Stewardess Kate from Canada. You spoiled us all and we can’t thank you enough!


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