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“Nuts N Bolts” or “Doo Dads” are a favorite family holiday snack. I start making the mix mid November and put in the freezer before adding the liquid ingredients.  Each bowl is labeled for a particular family member. This solves the problem of one not wanting salt, one not liking nuts, or one wanting extra pretzels. The list of particular fine tuning on this appetizer goes on and on. I gave up many years ago trying to make everyone happy. I simply put the bowls out with a name tag and each member sorts through their bowl taking out what they don’t like and eating until the bowl is empty.

We eat these “Doo Dads“at Thanksgiving and throughout the holidays. The mix is addictive. It also makes a great hostess present wrapped in glassine bags or a clear container. My “Blue Baker” loves pouring the whole boxes of cereal mix into a garbage bag and then mixing all the ingredients. It’s a fun cooking activity for kids.




1 box Rice Chex

1 box Wheat Chex

1 box Corn Chex

1 box Cheerios

l l lb bag pretzels

1 12 oz Planters cocktail peanuts

2 sticks butter

2 tablespoons Worcestershire sauce

2 teaspoon garlic salt

Kosher salt to taste



Heat oven to 250 degrees.

Empty all cereals, pretzels and peanuts  into a large garbage bag. Close the top and keep turning over until thoroughly mixed.

If not ready to cook, store in ziplock bags and place in freezer. When ready to use, melt butter in 8 qt stock pot or large pot. Fill stockpot with party mix dry mixture Add  Worcestershire sauce and sprinkle with garlic salt, kosher salt to taste and stir. Mix the butter sauce on the bottom of the pan throughout the mixture. Mix should be lightly coated with mixture of melted butter, Worcestershire sauce and salt.

Put pot onto bottom rack of  pre heated oven. Every 20 minutes mix again, bringing mixture on bottom of pan to top so the party mix cooks evenly. Do this for 2 hours. Remove from oven and adjust for salt if there isn’t quite enough for you!

Freeze any leftovers after Thanksgiving, along with the extra mixture already in the freezer, and preparing for holiday season will be a breeze.



Child #1 – no peanuts and pretzels, but love the salt.  Child #2 – more Worcestershire and salt during cooking. Child #3 – light chex only, no peanuts or chex, (ok maybe just a few brown chex), and love the pretzels. Husband – no salt and yes to pretzels. “Blue Baker” –  loves the corn and rice chex!   Everyone seems to have a favorite variation of this holiday appetizer.



– The Gourmet Review

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